Wide range of portfolio – large market diversity

The various markets which use our wire cloth and mesh reflect the versatility of our products.

Our broad range of products is part of several electrical goods and appliances. Furthermore, they are used in the furniture and packaging industry to produce hardboard and cardboard packaging.

Household appliances & electrical goods

DDD produces a broad range of wire mesh products used in the home appliance market. We are specialized in wire mesh used for ventilation and filtration. We can supply fully assembled products or semi-finished components ready for your production line. We offer stainless steel mesh, galvanized screens, and epoxy coated wire mesh.

  • Kitchen strainers
  • Tea strainers
  • Coffee filters
  • Dishwasher filters
  • Washing machine filters
  • Air intake filters in hair dryers
  • Faucet filters

We can help you with wire mesh for high volume production, prototyping, and product improvement. Please feel free to contact us!

Packaging & hardboard industry

Dorstener Drahtwerke produces a broad range of woven wire cloths for the hardboard and packaging industry, adapted to the respective application. Fiber casting requires wire cloths, which have high formability – often in a version with selvages. Woven wire cloth with selvages is also in demand for the production of hardboard. We pay special attention to the flawlessness of our meshes so that you can achieve perfect end products. In this context, our modernly equipped quality department supports us with various inspection services.

deformable wire cloth for fiber casting
transport fabric for hardboard production
Compensating wire cloth for hardboard production

Are you looking for a wire cloth for a particular application? Or would you like more information? Our product specialists will be glad to help you. Please feel free to contact us at +49 2362 2099 0.

Dorstener Drahtwerke tiene la certificación ISO 9001 y todos nuestros productos se fabrican con los más altos estándares de calidad. Nuestro personal está siempre dispuesto a ayudarle para determinar el producto adecuado para su aplicación – cumpliendo con sus requisitos y presupuesto. Póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy mismo para obtener más información.