our quality stitching wire makes the difference

We are well aware of the special requirements of our clients´ high-performance machines in the graphic industry. That is why we aim for continuous quality improvement of our products and processes in order to offer the best solution to our customers permanently.

CLASSICBIND™ is one of our key products that has been evolved and improved continuously in order to run trouble free in any stitching machine:

  • high quality of finish
  • smooth, consistent, shiny surface
  • uniform coating
  • resistant to corrosion, peeling and flaking
  • free of impurities and burr
  • consistent diameter and tensile strength
  • straight, tangle-free wire take-off and inlet
  • superior workability in bending and forming applications

Combining all these attributes, CLASSICBIND™ ensures optimal performance of you stitching head. Blade-protective and frictionless processing avoids premature wear out and allows for reduced energy and maintenance costs. The result: perfectly formed stitches produced in the most efficient way.

Available surfaces

  • bright
  • galvanized
  • tinned
  • copper coated

CLASSICBIND™ is available as round and flat wire.

No. Øm/kg
No. Ø mmm/kg
0/260,65 x 0,25649
I/250,75 x 0,35536
II/240,75 x 0,45451
III/230,75 x 0,55331
IV/220,85 x 0,65288
V/210,90 x 0,65253
VI/200,96 x 0,78200
VII/191,18 x 0,91147
VIII/181,27 x 1,04113

Download tables as PDF:

round and flat wire


We will be happy to assist you in selecting the correct spool size and presentation for your application. The following conditions serve as selection criteria:

  • size and type of equipment
  • size of the production run
  • space availability around your stitching equipment
  • equipment and personnel requirements to handle and set up spools

Spool types:

TypeNet Weight WireMaterialDimensions [mm] & Ø core/flangeBore Ø [mm]HeightWeight
K135Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen2 kgPlastik57/1351650/43107 gr
5 pdsDotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen2,2 kgPlastik88/13316,583/70144 gr
D 1402,7 kgPlastik90/1401690/70148 gr
N 150Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen3 kgPlastik57/1501850/43125 gr
K 155/4 (BB4)Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen4,2 kgPlastik70/1551763/57142 gr
10 pdsDotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen4,4 kgPlastik90/15216,5101/89202 gr
SD 200 KDotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen5 kgPlastik104/2005255/46275 gr
N2Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen6 kgPlastik57/15018100/93163 gr
K 7Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen7 kg BanddrahtPlastik75/2006658/50275 gr
SJ 200Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen11 kgPlastik100/20046112/110390 gr
K 11Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen11 kgPlastik71/2356763/53256 gr
DIN 200Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen13 kgPlastik125/20022200/160450 gr
SD 300 KDotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen15 kgPlastik210/30052102/90630 gr
BM 240Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen17 kg BanddrahtPlastik105/2409895/85360 gr
BB 20Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen18 kgPlastik110/20032180/160480 gr
DIN 250Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen22 kgPlastik250/16036200/1602,4 kg
B60Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen32 kgPlastik117/25533166/151840 gr
K 355Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen45 kgPlastik224/35536200/1601,85 kg
K 460Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen46 kgPlastik320/460305105/912,5 kg
MP 100Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen90 kgPlastik/Pappe218/355127350/3102,8 kg
MK 100Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen90 kgPlastik/ Pappe218/355 konisch 30°127350/3102,8 kg
FB 100Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen90 kgMetall220/355 konisch 30°3702,7 kg
Bico 100Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen90 kgPlastik215/55 konisch 36°127345/2433,5 kg
FB 400Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen400 kgStahl/Pappkern300/570635/38110 kg
RP 400Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen400 kgHolz/ Pappkern477/75081445/40023 kg
630er Stahlspule400 kgStahl355/630133440/40040 kg
MP 500 Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen500 kgHolz/Pappkern360/60081607/56019 kg
MP 500 Stahlspule500 kgStahl360/60080582/54053 kg
FB 800Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen800 kgStahl/Pappkern450/80064524 kg
RP 1000Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen1000 kgHolz/Pappkern640/101081450/40540 kg
RP 1000 Stahl1000 kgStahl643/100080460/405110 kg
MP 10001000 kgHolz/Pappkern480/80080775/730 87021 kg
RP 1400 Stahl1400 kgStahl640/100080610/560125 kg
RP 1400Dotstener Drahtwerke: Referenzen1400 kgHolz/Pappkern640/101081770/60442 kg
Easydrum34.2. Easydrum-290 kg_03300 kgPappe305/510Höhe 8008 kg

Download: Spooltypes