Schweißgitter in verschiedenen Ausführungen

Welded wire mesh

More than 50 years of experience and proficiency in the production of welded wire mesh. With this know-how we manufacture quality welded mesh economically efficient and develop wire mesh that matches even special market requirements.

At each crossing point, longitudinal wires and transversal and cross wires are connected metallurgically-bonded by means of an electrical resistance welding process to welded mesh.

A robust mesh network originates that with the choice of materials, diameters and geometries of the wire combined with the design of the meshes can be light or flexible and open as well as firm, stiff and secure. Our modern machinery allows a high level of mesh accuracy.

Light welded mesh

is continuously produced on rolls from mainly soft, readily processable quality wires and is cut to size according to the client’s requirements.

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Heavy welded mesh

is welded from cut and straightened wires to sheets with fixed dimensions. Heavy welded mesh panels are manufactured to customer specification.

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Cut-to-size / molded parts

We supply our DDD welded wire meshes not only as raw material in rolls, strips or sheets, but also prefabricated as cut-to-size or molded parts ready for use in our customers’ applications.

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