Our customers appreciate our experience and consulting competence with which we meet the various requirements. We focus on constant improvements and optimal service, which is the basis for the success of our products.

Our test laboratories are equipped with modern devices for testing material and product properties. Besides, we are supported by external accredited and certified testing institutes.

Based on decades of experience and adapted technical and organizational methods, we ensure our quality in production.

In doing so, we always orient ourselves to the market requirements and continuously improve our processes.
In addition to the manual skills of our trained employees, we have access to a wide range of technical measuring equipment:

  • X-ray fluorescence analyzer for material determination (XRF – material analysis)
  • Stand-alone laser measuring equipment for diameter control
  • Tensile testing machine for determination of mechanical properties of raw material and product
  • Computer-aided measurement of mesh size and distribution (Meshcheck)
  • Camera test table
  • Filter cut point measurement
  • Glass bead test
  • Flow measurement (air)

Our internal production standards of welded wire meshes meet high market demands. We partly based them on DIN standards ISO 9044 (industrial wire cloth), ISO 4783 (metal wire).

Furthermore, our in-house production standards of filter mesh exceed the specific DIN standards ISO 9044 (industrial wire mesh), ISO 4783 (metal wire), and ISO 3310 (test sieves and wire cloth).


Inspection Services for high quality meshes

100% inspection by camera inspection table

Many industries rely on nominal wire cloth specifications when it comes to challenging filtration or screening applications. Certified inspection is increasingly critical to document necessary quality data for sensitive separation and filtration in oil and gas, aerospace, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and many other industries.

One of our latest achievements for our quality control is an automated optical surface inspection of wire cloth rolls and pieces.

This system gives us the ability to detect the smallest weaving defects from the production process.

The 100% camera inspection is an obligatory process for applications where no defects are allowed. The system consists of high-resolution cameras that take continuous images of the fabric. As the mesh passes underneath the cameras on the inspection table, defects are identified and recorded on an inspection report. These can include large or small openings, broken wires, surface damage, contamination, and more.

What types of defects can we identify?

For wire cloth, we can identify, but are not limited to, the following defects:

Mesh Check according to ISO 9044 norm

We scan the meshes with a high-resolution, telecentric objective lens. As a result, the lens allows precise and distortion-free images of each mesh opening. Our mesh check verifies conformity according to ISO 9044 standard. It also shows standard deviations, mean values, min and max values, and Cpk (process capability).

Simplify your incoming goods inspection with this data.

Research and development

We permanently expand our know-how through impulses from very different industries and are continuously developing product improvements for our customers’ processes.