SinterPore™ Filter Elements

Diffusion bonded (sintered) mesh layers improve the filtration characteristics and usability of individual filter mesh layers. SinterPore™ allows to build filters that combine new features with the advantages of metal filter cloths.

We manufacture SinterPore™ elements first of all for the exploration of oil and gas, for power plants, for the industrial separation of solids and liquids and for the fluidisation.

Oil and gas exploration

For many years, our sand control filters with sintered SinterPore™ laminate and filters with micron ratings of 40-600 µm have proven their value. The favourable adaption of the medium to the sandy environment is important for the continuous performance.

The development of new media with more favourable flow conditions and extended useful life is continuously driven forward. For some operating conditions, filter with single-layer cloths offer a favourable alternative.

Our filters are made from AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L, alloy 20, alloy 600 and alloy 625.

Separation of solids/liquids

According to customer specifications, we manufacture filter elements for the filtration of water, chemicals and plastics. We use corrosion and heat resistant materials with a micron rating in a range of 2-600 µm.

Large filters, such as ballast filters, can be build-up of several sections.


SinterPore™ Hi-Perm and Lo-Perm metal cloth laminates are excellently suitable for the fluidisation of powdery material in the fluidised bed technology, for conveyors and as ventilation.

Difficult transport situations as well as high temperatures and a corrosive environment will become unproblematic.

Dorstener Drahtwerke is ISO 9001 certified and all our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our staff is available to help you determine the right product for your application that meets your requirements and budget. Contact us today for more information!